TAMROSE VENTURES LIMITED (TVL) is an integrated Marine Logistics, Engineering and Procurement Company which sturdily considers QHSSE as part of its corporate strategy to ensure business continuity.

In Tamrose, Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security issues have equal status with other business objectives.

Therefore, we ensure project planning requirement are considered with the need of explicit significance to protection of life, company property and the environment while making these critical issues of concern in our project conception, execution and implementation strategy through:

  • The identification and elimination of all forms of Hazards associated with our operations and the preservation of the Health and Safety of our employees, sub-contractors and third parties while ensuring security of our facilities and equipment, quality of services and ensuring our Eco Friendly ‘’Green Impact Initiative’’ is strictly adhered to.
  • Close watch to facilitate strict compliance of our employees, and sub-contractors with the terms of this policy.
  • Recognition of distinction in safety and the provision of a safe and secure work environment while facilitating employee motivation through our intrinsic and extrinsic motivation strategy and methodology such as the ‘’TVL QHSSE Reward and Incentive Program’’.
  • Maintenance of our vessels and equipment’s in a safe manner while ensuring our fleet functions optimally and meets local, international, Class and clients requirement.
  • Investigation of any accident/incident to ascertain causes in order to eliminate them and obviate re occurrence.
  • Identifying, accessing, mitigating and reviewing risk associated with our operations while sharing lessons learnt with employees, clients and concerned authority through our ‘’TVL Safety Symposium’’
  • Establish and nurture a cordial relationship with the members of the host communities, clients and other persons that may be directly or indirectly affected by the activities of TAMROSE VENTURES LIMITED.
  • Should there be infringement of this QHSSE policy; punitive actions shall be taken in accordance with company regulation and within the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other statutory or associated bodies.




At Tamrose, We believe in aligning our processes with international best practices that would not only foster quality service delivery but distinguish us as the best in our chosen niche of operation.

We are pleased to let you know that Tamrose Ventures has her quality management system certified by Ocean Certification UK to the ISO 9001:2015 management standard.

This demonstrates consistency in providing reliable service that meets customer and regulatory requirements with the aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the management system. In all we embrace robust risk management, continual improvement and quality assurance of our management system in conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.